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Ritchie Yellow Jacket 95760 - RecoverXLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine

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Manufacturer: Ritchie Yellow Jacket
MPN: 95760
SKU: 95760
UPC: 686800957609

Ritchie Yellow Jacket 95760 - RecoverXLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Ritchie Yellow Jacket

Leading HVAC/R professionals understand that it pays to work smart. That is, the quickest way is not always the best way. Case in point – refrigerant recovery. If you slug the compressor with liquid, not only can it cause premature compressor failure – it will.

The YELLOW JACKET 95760 RecoverXLT™ Refrigerant Recovery Machine helps you work smart. The built-in constant pressure regulator (CPR) valve regulates the refrigerant input to protect the compressor. There’s no need to worry about slugging because the RecoverXLT™ controls that for you. How confident are we? Confident enough to offer you the leading warranty in the industry on the compressor – three years.

Product Features

  • Single valve control for easy changeover from liquid to vapor to purge
  • Constant Pressure Regulator (CPR) valve regulates refrigerant to the compressor.
  • Eliminates the need for the technician to throttle the suction valve
  • Advanced 1/2 hp, 3425 rpm oil-less compressor with precision valves manufactured in an ISO-9001 facility
  • Recovers refrigerant and shuts off when unit reaches 13" of vacuum. Unit will automatically restart if system pressure rises
  • Indicator signals “recovery complete”
  • Quiet running with components nested to reduce vibration and noise. Oil-less compressor is inherently quiet
  • Controls and gauges inset for protection and angled for easy access and viewing
  • Senses back pressure from tank and shuts off automatically at 517 psi for safety
  • Reusable mesh particulate filter inserts into suction port for protection. Simple cleaning eliminates replacement due to clogging
  • ”On-the-fly” purge with simple turn of a knob to remove residual refrigerant and help prevent cross-contamination
  • High efficiency fan keeps air moving across condenser for cool running even in hot weather
  • High strength HDPE case for lightweight and rugged use. Rounded corners help protect from nicks and scrapes
  • Single high pressure safety switch - external circuit breaker
  • Includes three-year compressor warranty on domestic models (one year on international models)
  • Tested by UL to ARI 740-98 (ARI 740-95 for 95700 and 95765)
  • Made in the USA


    Brand Yellow Jacket
    Manufacturer Part Number 95760
    Recovery Capabilities Vapor, liquid, push/pull
    Compressor 1/2 hp oil-less
    Refrigerant Compatibility 12, 22, 134a, 407C, 410A, 500, 502, HP, MP and blends
    Tank Overfill Sensor No
    Low Pressure Shut-off Sensor Standard
    Inlet Mesh Filter Screen Included
    Inlet Filter Dryer Optional filter available for use on contaminated and burn-out systems; use a filter of adequate size (P/N 95014)
    Suction and Discharge Pressure Gauges Standard
    Upgraded Single Higher Pressure Switch Standard
    Volts/Hertz 115V / 60 Hz
    External Circuit Breaker Standard
    Plug U.S.
    Certified to ARI Standard ARI 740-98
    Testing Agency UL
    CUL Listed Yes
    Warranty 1 year parts and labor; 3 years compressor
    Size L x W x H inches 19.3" x 12.4" x 12.5"
    Shipping Weight (LBS) 36.0 lbs. (16.3293 kg)